MFSAB Bus: Multi-Function School Activity Bus or Used Shuttle Bus

MFSAB Bus (Multi-function School Activity Bus):

MFSAB Bus or multi-functional school activity bus is defined as a school bus that does not transport students to and from home or school bus stops. Technically, though, the MFSAB is a vehicle that must meet all of the requirements for a school bus, save traffic control devices. The only requirement that the MFSAB will not have is the flashing lights or stop arms used in pick-up and drop-off of students from a bus stop or home. An MFSAB is also called a shuttle bus.

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Used Church Buses are an affordable alternative when the bus at your local church gets old and breaks down to a point that it cannot be repaired? or what if you get to buy a brand new church bus, what happens to the old one ?in most cases the old bus is tucked away in a dirty corner of the garage where it stays for years without getting into any substantial use.

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