Bus For Sale Miami | Church shuttle buses or 15 passenger vans?

When you’re planning to buy a van or bus for sale Miami Florida for your church or some civil organization. It may seem simple at first. But it is important to consider the cost of insurance & maintenance. And also address safety concerns.

This article provides important information comparing church shuttle buses versus passenger vans. Which things you need to consider before purchasing either one, and which platform is best to go with.
There have been many warnings about use of 15 passenger vans. The National Transportation Safety Board gave these warnings. They have reported that these vehicles maye stable when loaded with people! In fact, many insurance providers no longer offer insurance on these vans. Especially when used by organizations to transport people. In some states, you cannot even get plates or registration for these vehicles.
The biggest plus point of 15 passenger vans is that they do cost less. Some people feel that a bus for sale Miami Florida might be the more expensive option, but this is not so. Many used shuttles from professional bus dealers can be a blessing for churches. When these churches eye for securing safe and reliable transportation. In fact, some great shuttles can be had for less than $20,000.
Keep in mind that sometimes you do not need a CDL license to operate shuttle buses or 15 passenger vans. It’s best to check with Department of Motor Vehicles for exact needs for your use. In most of the states, including Florida, the driver is not required to have a CDL license. If the bus seats 14 or less passengers. Wheelchair lifts are another bus configuration that does not need any CDL license. Because they seat 12 passengers +2 wheelchairs.
Bus For Sale Miami

Florida buyers can get used shuttle buses for sale from New York dealership.

Shuttle buses are best because they come with a variety of seating options. These include cloth seats that recline, overhead luggage bins & CD sound systems. And retractable seat belts, reading lights arm rests & tinted windows to keep sun out. Also DVD players & dual air conditioning. Most of these commercial style buses are inbuilt to make long trips enjoyable. The driver can enjoy power steering and brakes. All the instruments and tilt wheel all located within reach. And cruise control for those longer trips.
Also, these church shuttle buses may offer you exterior comforts as well. To cut bouncing at the rear of the buses. They have dual rear wheels that cut down the sway in the back axles. They often have an extended wheel base and safety floors. And also insulated walls that give you a cool and quite ride. These bus for sale Maimi Florida can be more safe and comfortable for long trips than vans.
Most of these shuttle buses use regular unleaded fuel. But some of these when used for long trips will use diesel power. Their body built on E350 and E450 chassis and get 9-12 MPG depending upon the length of the trip. So the cost of fuel is like the 15 passenger van. Often the insurance is also 10-12 percent cheaper for church buses. Compared to 15 passenger vans of the same year and capacity.
Some manufactures of shuttle bodies for these buses make with dual rear wheels. And also reinforced cage construction for the church bus versions. This ensures reliability and safety.
Oil changes and fluid checks for shuttle buses can be done at local dealership for the same cost of as a van. Hope this helps you in making the right decision on whether to buy a church shuttle bus or a 15 passenger van.
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