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Should you Purchase a Used Bus?

If you are looking for Canada Bus Sales or auctions, you will probably have your brain drained at the end of it. One of the biggest decisions to make is whether you should go for a used bus or a new one. In that regard, here are the facts to help you make up your mind about : 

1. The cost

If you go for a used bus for sale in Canada, you could easily end up paying a small fraction of the cost of a similar new bus. Canada bus sales are littered with used buses for sale, and you can always look for the model you like, and the price that well fits your budget. The odds are that you will get exactly what you are looking for, and at a very low price.

2. The steep bus depreciation phase

People who purchase new buses do not only pay much more for their vehicles, they also have to own the bus in its period of steep depreciation. Within the first five years, most buses will lose close to half their value. In fact, just as you drive away from whatever Canada bus sales you chose to make your purchase, your new bus will lose about 10 percent of its market value.

You’re probably wondering how much a used bus will depreciate. After the fifth year of the bus, the depreciation rate will be less steep, meaning the bus will lose value at a much slower rate.

Canada Bus Sales

Canada bus sales by Major Vehicle Exchange a used buses and wheelchair van dealership.

3. Useless features and extras on the bus

People who purchase new buses usually have to pay for expensive features that they neither ask for nor need. This is part of the dealerships’ ways of extorting as much money as possible from the buyer. Unfortunately for the buyer, these features and extras do not even contribute to the resale value of the bus. This is a good thing for people intending to buy used buses- they don’t have to pay for useless features and extra.

If you find them necessary, these extras can always be obtained from a third party at a much lower cost.

4. Capacity to move to a better bus model

If, for example, you live in Ontario and manage to get your hands on used buses for sale in Ontario, you will easily end up having a lot more money in your hands. With these reduced costs, you can afford to step up your model selection and choose a better bus model. With new buses, you might even have to move to a worse model.

How Should you Shop for a Used Bus?

If you are like many inexperienced used bus for sale Canada buyers, you probably imagine a used bus looking terrible, having broken parts, and maybe giving you lots of problems later. Well, such buses cannot even make it to Canada bus sales, at least not ours. Still, you need to know how to purchase a used bus since this will help you make better choices at the dealerships.

· Price and mileage

The basic rule is that you should always search for a bus with low mileage. The second thing you need to look out for is the price. The price of a minibus for sale Canada should always be much less compared to the price of a new similar bus. Whatever model you are searching for, you should always do your homework to know the price range of the used bus.

Canada Bus Sale

We can easily delivery our used buses for sale anywhere across Canada.

· Your budget

Of similar importance is that you should consider the amount of money you are willing to pay for the bus beforehand. This will allow you to stick to your budget. If you can’t come up with the full amount of money upfront, you can get financing from your bank or other financial institution. Another alternative is to negotiate the payment of the bus with the dealership. Dealers of used buses for sale in Canada, including us, can finance your purchase if you settle on a deal.

More on used bus buying tips:

A good rule to go with is to go for a vehicle that goes under your budget considerably. You can always step down to a cheaper model, and find one that is in good shape. The bus you pick should at least be able to perform whatever function you intended to do with it. If you can afford extra, you can also pick one which you just like. Basically, you shouldn’t have your priorities mixed up.

· Extra costs

An often forgotten aspect of the cost of the bus, whether new or used, is the fact that you still have to pay for registration, tax, license and insurance. If you buy a used bus for sale in Ontario, Alberta or any part of Canada, these costs will vary. Generally, the costs should add up to about ten percent of the price of your bus. Some bus models will attract lower costs for insurance, and you can always look for a model that will fit into your budget perfectly. It is always a good idea to purchase a bus that you can afford to buy, and also to own.

· Warranty

Since you are purchasing a used bus, you don’t have the full warranty of the vehicle. You might have to purchase a warranty from a third party. At our dealership, you can also purchase a warranty for your vehicle. With a warranty, all approved repairs and services on your bus will be done without you spending any extra money. However, some warranty options include a deductible, and this might require you to pay some money for your repairs. With that said, you can always go for the warranty option that best suits you.

Canada Bus Sales

If you think finding a used bus for sale in Canada is difficult, think again! Contact us today 🙂

How to actually find a bus in Canada ???

Now we have covered all the important points to look for when buying a bus but then the next question is how to find these buses or where to locate the sellers. Well the answer is very simple, if you reside in Ontario just go to and type in buses for sale in Ontario or better still type used buses for sale Ontario or just type bus for sale Ontario. You need to enter your geographical location and the product you are searching for in the Google search bar.

For example you are a resident of British Columbia then you can go to Google and type used bus for sale bc, Google is responsive to state acronyms and there are hundreds of people searching for buses with this keyword. Similarly if you reside in Alberta just go to or you can also go to or and type in bus for sale Alberta. You will find a list of credible bus dealers with this keywords in your local area. Just make sure not to type in very generic keywords like bus or used bus since you can get results from all over the world if you do not include your target geographical location.

Canada Bus Sales

Now buying a used bus for sale in Canada is simpler than ever before. Just pick up your phone and call CHARLIE at 516-333-7483 today!

Where can you Get Used Buses for Sale, Canada?

Finding a bus for sale in Canada used to be a hassle, but not anymore. Now, you can make your purchase over the internet. Weather you live in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia or anywhere across Canada and the USA Major Vehicle Exchange can deliver buses to your location at the cheapest price. You can get almost all types of buses on our website, all of which are well laid out with their prices listed. Alternatively, you can visit the physical location of our dealership and make your purchase physically. The company will still offer assistance in delivering your bus to your home area.

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