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The ability of churches or commuter drivers to get a new bus may be limited by the availability of finance. What if you can get used buses that have been refurbished and tested to make sure they are mechanically sound? Major Vehicle Exchange is a licensed dealership that sells used buses and vans to churches and airports. They also offer charter buses for charter businesses.

Major Vehicle Exchange has a wide coverage:
Since their incorporation as licensed dealer in 1985, Major Vehicle Exchange has grown a team to spot, refurbish and sell shuttle and mini-buses throughout United States and Canada. Each vehicle is properly tested before they are sold. They have the highest store of used Ford buses. You can sell your used buses with ease. Major Vehicle Exchange will also be delighted to buy your used vehicles under ten years old. You only need to fill the form on their webpage and you will be contacted for purchase discussion. This service is of great benefit to organizations that are cash strapped or looking for ways to raise funds.


Churches can make use of Major Vehicle Exchange services to upgrade their buses:
Churches usually begin with small number of members and hence may be concerned with small buses to ferry their members. As their members grow, the need to upgrade such buses to bigger ones will arise. Since churches are non-profit oriented organizations, getting fund is often a herculean task. Rather than raising funds from the scratch, churches can easily swap their old bus for a bigger one. New churches with little fund can effortlessly get a used church bus too.

Charter buses will help charter businesses to grow:
If you run a charter business, you will soon realize that you may need more charter buses to cover more grounds. That is where Major Vehicle Exchange will be most helpful to push your business to a new height with their wide array of charter buses which are available at affordable prices.

Airports shuttle businesses can benefit from Major Vehicle Exchange services:
A very busy airport may have more than one arrival or departure airline simultaneously. This means that there is always an influx of people who would need to be moved from one place to another together with their goods. Airport shuttle buses provided by Major Vehicle Exchange will help you start off an airport shuttle business or expand existing ones.

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