MFSAB Bus: Multi-Function School Activity Bus or Used Shuttle Bus

MFSAB Bus (Multi-function School Activity Bus):

MFSAB Bus or multi-functional school activity bus is defined as a school bus that does not transport students to and from home or school bus stops. Technically, though, the MFSAB is a vehicle that must meet all of the requirements for a school bus, save traffic control devices. The only requirement that the MFSAB will not have is the flashing lights or stop arms used in pick-up and drop-off of students from a bus stop or home. An MFSAB is also called a shuttle bus.

MFSAB-BusSchool Bus: Consider buying a used shuttle bus for sale in Ohio when making choices about buying used buses.

Contrastingly, a school bus is the exact opposite of an MFSAB. School buses do transport students to and from school, via a bus stop or from their home. The school bus has the traffic control devices to warn other drivers that students will be entering and exiting the vehicle. School buses transport students high school age and younger—and the difference between a school bus and a regular transit bus is the significant purpose of the vehicle.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined that daycares, childcare centers, and preschools including Head Start Programs are not “schools.” Thus, these students can be transported in MFSABs, or any other vehicle.

When to Use a School Bus:

The NHTSA requires that both public and private schools use school buses to transport students to and from school, or any school-related event. A school related even can be defined as an activity sponsored by a school, whether it is on school grounds or not. For example, these events may include competitions, field trips, concerts, and sporting events. To transport students to and from these events, a school bus must be used.


A school bus is not required to transport college-aged students. Colleges and universities are not considered schools by the NHTSA. Adult education participants and post-high school vocational students are not required to ride a school bus. An MFSAB, shuttle bus, or church bus can be used to transport them.

Purchasing a School Bus:

To purchase a new vehicle specifically used to transport students to and from school and school-related activities, you must purchase a vehicle specifically denoted as a school bus, and not a multi-function school activity bus, shuttle bus, or church bus. These vehicles are not eligible to be used as a school bus. Buyers should beware of false advertising when acquiring a school bus. Ensure that the vehicle is not listed under any other name.

Purchasing a 15-passenger Van:

The Safety Act forbids schools or school systems to purchase or lease a new 15-passenger van if it will be used to transport school-aged children. It is important to note that schools can transport children in a 15-passenger van, as the Safety Act does not regulate use of these vans. Check your state law to determine if children can be transported in this vehicle. However, the safety of 15-passenger vans has been scrutinized due to its tendency to rollover.  15-passenger vans A school bus or MFSAB is a safer alternative to the 15-passenger van.

Purchasing an MFSAB:

To purchase an MFSAB, or a used shuttle bus in Ohio, you must make sure that the vehicle will not be used for school, or school related activities. This bus is often called a church bus, or shuttle bus, because of it’s uses within the church communities. To purchase a used shuttle bus for sale in Ohio, visit



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