Second Hand Bus | Why a Second Bus is better than a New One ?

How to Enjoy Buying a Second Hand Bus Rather Than a New Bus
Have you ever owned a new bus? How much did you pay for it? Was it worth it? Would you do it again if you knew that you could get a second hand bus for half that price? I don’t think so.

Buying second hand buses is the new normal and it is because of the immense benefits that go with it. From a used shuttle bus to minibuses to tour buses. You will always get the value of the vehicle without cringing at the associated fees. And also the accumulative costs that come with owning a new vehicle.
Before buying a new bus you should know that aside from the debt-rendering cost You will have to incur. You may have to dig deeper into your pocket to pay for high insurance. And for inflated tax and an expensive registration. A 2nd hand bus is generally less expensive to insure thus making it less strenuous for your pocket.
If you know cars you know that a new one depreciates by 20% or more the moment you drive it off the dealer’s lot. That is the same case with buses. Where instant depreciation occurs within the first three years of buying the vehicle. This renders it as an unnecessary economic burden. The average current price for a new shuttle bus is around $300,000. Yet you can buy used tour bus, pre-owned for less than 10 years, for $22,000. You can get such a deal from companies such as Major Vehicle Exchange. They pride themselves for being one of the oldest and efficient dealers in second hand buses.
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Whether you are a car fanatic or not, we always think of ways to save even a dollar from any transaction. And why not save thousands of it? If you buy a short bus or any new vehicle, they are always subjected to state sales tax. It’s added to the original price of a new motor. And this avoidable cost is why used bus values continue to please many. Thus while deciding on which shuttle bus to buy. Conduct an in-depth research on your state laws first. Or better yet buy a used one and get rid of the cost completely.
The rate of annual registration fees drops during the first few years of owning a new car. Meaning if you own a new car you will have to pay exorbitant fees worth thousands of dollars. For at least three to five years before getting comfortable. Buying a second hand bus for at least five years saves you such a burden. Because someone else already took the hit for you.
Many potential bus owners find it hard to decide on whether to buy new or used buses because of reliability. But nowadays it is quite easy to get a well-built dependable bus with around 100,000 miles or less. Used minibus sales have especially surged over the years because of old-model vehicles. They have turned out to be more durable and stronger than new ones.
Another reason you should buy a used diesel bus for sale is that you can land one that is like new. After passing through strict standards of certification. Most of them get into the market in great mechanical condition and scratch free. 
Second Hand Bus

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According to the latest automotive news, demand for commercial vans have skyrocketed. Showing a gap to tap into in the market. If you want to join the bandwagon and say buy a used diesel bus or a used tour bus? You can decide on that because aside from being reliable and cost efficient. You can also choose the vehicle that fits your needs without having to incur an extra cost. Especially for unnecessary add-ons. If you do not need rust-proofing done on your car you can choose not to. If you do not need a pinstripe or protective film. You can choose to avoid the extra costs and have them done later by an aftermarket dealer.
If you own reconditioned buses you have the extra benefit of being able to rent it out to other businesses. And create a source of revenue for your business at the same time. You can buy a second hand short bus for family getaways or transporting employees. But instead of letting it seat on the parking lot. You can hire it out and generate revenue for yourself.
As mentioned above, a bus, like any vehicle, depreciates more within the first three years. Hence you can buy a bus second hand, because it’s rate of depreciation has declined. Meaning you can choose to sell the same bus after a couple of years for the same price or even higher if it has added value.
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It goes without saying that having a second hand bus also saves you the unnecessary fear. Fear that comes with owning a brand new bus. With a new bus you will always drive around fearing for the worst. Because of the amount of money you have poured into it. But if you find second hand buses for sale and you land a cost efficient one that performs well. You do not have to worry about it getting a minor scratch on the first week.
Fact is, vehicles are for transport and buses exist for that sole reason. Thus there is no point in pouring all your savings into one. Yet you can buy a used bus that has already proved to be good enough on the road. 
Used buses are also especially for those who need a bus to use while going on road trips with family once in a while. There is no point in buying a brand new bus. Especially if it is going to sit in the drive-way for most of the year, it is only wise to get a used one.
So if you are ever looking for a second hand minibus for sale. Look no further than Major Vehicle Exchange. They sell anything from shuttle buses, commuter buses and coach buses. Even commercial transit, para-transit buses, wheelchair mobility buses and vans. You can use any of the contacts below to contact them further.
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