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Looking for a Texas Bus? Look no further as we can provide you with the second hand bus you have in mind. In fact, we have a collection of Chevrolet and Ford buses, which are the most trusted bus brands today. Whether you are a government agency officer, a non-profit organization administrator, a business owner or a private citizen that prefers a bus, we fulfill your transportation needs with Texas bus sales.

In fact, you may even consider a luxury Texas bus for sale which offers a luxurious bus ride that you can enjoy instead of flying from one state to another. In fact, these buses are luxurious alternatives to travelling that take the stress out. You won’t even need to pay for hotel rooms as the bus is both your mode of transportation and your habitation! Buses of this type feature food and drinks, satellite television, ample legroom and wireless internet. No need to stop anywhere with a luxury Texas bus and you save time by not sleeping on the way!


As the oldest and largest licensed dealers for used Ford and Chevy buses, we specialize in providing you with the perfect bus in the USA and Canada. Whether you are looking for Texas bus sales for resorts, teams, schools, shuttle and tour operations, church vans, we can provide you with the bus you need. We can also provide buses for special needs such as for wheelchair mobility, adult and senior care facilities and even assisted living facilities. On the other hand if you happen to be looking for para-transit buses, commercial transit buses, coach buses, commuter buses or second hand, road-tested buses, we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

We understand that Texas is a massive state, second in size only to Alaska. For this reason, we understand the demand for a Texas bus sale is inevitable. We have prepared the different types of buses for you to check out and test drive. No matter what type of Chevrolet or Ford bus you have in mind, we will be able to provide it. Remember, when taking care of buses, it takes a certified mechanic. We can take care of all your future mechanic needs as well. If you are thinking about exchanging or buying your own used bus for the first time, we have all the requirements ready and can assist you from start to finish.

Do you currently own a bus that you would like to dispose of for a new one? Let us take a look and discuss buying your old bus from you if it is under ten years old. If you have made the decision to buy a new bus from our company, we can deliver your bus to your area in Texas directly. We are experienced in transporting buses and taking them directly to our customers so there is no need for you to worry!

Our company aims to provide you with safety and a great vehicle that you will be more than happy to own year after year. We provide our customers with excellent used buses, parts and maintenance.



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