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The shuttle service business has always been lucrative with used airport bus, especially in major airports. However, one of the pain points for starting this kind of service is procuring the vehicles, which can be extremely expensive. A viable option would be to get a used airport bus, since it will be a lot cheaper, and you can kickstart your airport shuttle service in no time. Below are the guidelines for finding and buying used airport bus for sale.

Car Maker Brand Matters

Not all airport buses are created equal, and with that in mind, be mind mindful of which brand of vehicle you choose. Ford is a tried and tested American institution, and it has certainly made a lot of excellent heavy duty buses and other large-laul vehicles. It is known for its reliability and more than decent fuel consumption.

Compare Costs

The cost of a used airport bus for sale depends largely on how well it runs and if there are repairs required prior to becoming road worthy. When shopping for one of these for your business, be sure to compare prices across different sellers, which can now be done easily online. It is always about finding the middle ground when purchasing second-hand vehicles. You do want to save as much money as possible, but you also need something that runs well and does not require too many repairs due to recurring problems.

Know What to Look For

Once you've determined your choice of airport bus, there are a few things to check prior to making a commitment to purchase, not the least of which are the following:

Engine- Airport buses usually haul a dozen or so passengers at a time, which means it would require a powerful engine. If you have choices, be sure to pick a more powerful engine that can easily offset the total weight of the haul at any given time. Remember, you can always change oil and choose the best fuel, but there is no substitute for a powerful engine.

Transmission- For large vehicles such as airport buses, an automatic transmission is always best, especially for long distance travels. It is less of a hassle, and if you are planning to re-sell the bus in the future, more people will be inclined to buy automatic transmission vehicles.

PWD Accessibility- Is the airport bus wheelchair accessible? This is immensely important, especially since a lot of airport passengers have mobility issues. A good airport bus has to be able to easily accommodate persons with disabilities or mobility problems.


Other factors to consider: 

-Legal papers, title, service records, receipts, and anything that is necessary in determining the value of the vehicle as well as potential operational problems.

-Mechanical problems such as leaks, etc. (If there are more repairs necessary, you should factor those expenses in the total sale price)

-Total mileage

It would be better to bring a professional along to conduct a thorough inspection before you sign on the dotted line. More importantly, you should only transact with reputable used bus dealers to ensure the integrity and road worthiness of the vehicle you will buy.



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