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Used Church Bus for Sale in Alabama are often used to transport parishioners, volunteers, and members of the community for ministry-related activities, or other events within the community.
Transporting these people has been called one of the largest risks for a church, because until recently, the vehicles used to transport for churches were 15 passenger vans, which have been deemed unsafe. Risks also lie within liability for all passengers within the vehicle. It is important that drivers are experienced with both the vehicle, and the area, for this reason, and that the vehicle is properly insured.

Types of Coverage:

Used-Church-Bus-For-Sale-In-AlabamaLiability insurance coverage means that the vehicle is covered only for damage and injury caused by this vehicle or driver to someone else or their property. This coverage will include paying for damage done to personal or public property, bodily harm, and medical expenses of the affected party or parties. Policies may include medical payments coverage for all those riding in the vehicle, however, these costs may be at the liberty of the passenger’s own medical insurance policy. If a passenger in the vehicle does not have medical insurance, this insurance can help with offsetting the costs of their medical needs—due to injury caused at the hands of the driver, or a driver of another vehicle.  Collision insurance covers damages caused by an accident to the vehicle, no matter who caused the accident either the driver of the vehicle, or the driver of another vehicle that collided with the church bus.. Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused by things that the driver or owner had no control over. These events can include Used-Church-Bus-For-Sale-In-Alabamaharsh climate, vandalism, robbery, fire, or impact with an animal. Uninsured / underinsured motorist insurance covers your costs if the driver at fault does not have adequate insurance to cover the damages. Non-owned liability insurance covers cars that are not owned by the church, but used for church business on a regular basis. Hired liability insurance is for vehicles rented by the church for use in church business. These can include a van, bus, or hauling equipment used to transport items.


used-2010-ford-e350_bus_w_slash_wheelchair_lift_non-cdl-forchurchschooladultsseniorsmobilityhandicapped-457-14656151-28-640Because of its safety requirements, insurance companies prefer used church bus for sale in Alabama or multi-function school activity buses over 15-passenger vans. Many insurance companies have canceled or raised the insurance policy on 15-passsenger vans. If you are considering switching from a van to a church bus, consider not only the safety benefits, but the cost benefits as well.

Federally Approved Vehicles:

To transport children, MFSAB and used church bus for sale in Alabama must be federally approved vehicles. Once the vehicles are federally approved, by following all of the safety precautions and adhering to all requirements, insurance costs typically lower.


Costs of insuring a church bus vary by state, company, and the organization’s historyUsed-Church-Bus-For-Sale-In-Alabama

At the end of the day, church buses must be used for everything but transporting children to and from school. Their uses can include transporting patrons to and from church services, using them for community service, and for church business. These buses may also be used for daycares, preschools, community centers, and summer camps.

Used Church Bus For Sale in Alabama:

Used-Church-Bus-For-Sale-In-AlabamaTo further lower costs, consider investing into a used church bus for sale in Alabama. The acquisition cost is lower than a new bus, and if you purchase one with low mileage, the safety features, amenities, and convenience are all the same. A used church bus is cheaper to insure than a new bus, and if it is in great condition, does not come with any hidden costs. To purchase a used church bus bus in Alabama visit Major Vehicle Exchange today.



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