CDL and the Used Church Bus For Sale in Missouri

Do you want to buy a Non-CDL Used Church Bus For Sale In Missouri or anywhere across USA & Canada???

So you’ve found it. The perfect used church bus for sale in Missouri or anywhere across America, and all you want to do is give back to your community by driving it around. But wait. Sometimes driving a used church bus for sale in Missouri and elsewhere requires a commercial driver’s license, or CDL.

Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-MissouriVehicles weighing over 16,001 pounds, or those designed to carry and transport more than 16 passengers, with the driver included, is a class C vehicle.

Many shuttle buses, church buses, and multi-function school activity buses, or MFSABs) do not require a CDL to drive them. However, when crossing state lines, or transporting school aged children, it is important to visit your state Department of Motor Vehicles office to determine whether or not you will need a CDL. Church buses, shuttle buses, and MFSABs are typically equipped with 14 to 15 passenger carrying capabilities. However, these buses can contain more than the 16 total passenger allotment, causing the driver to need a CDL.

State Requirements:

In the state of New Jersey, drivers must have a CDL to drive a bus, commercial van, or a limo. There are also Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-Missouripassenger requirements when driving a van in NJ.

In California, those who drive as a profession must have a CDL—regardless of whether or not they drive a commercial vehicle. The state of California defines commercial vehicles as one that transports people or products in a business setting. It is important to note that when driving for hire in California, the definition of driving under the influence changes from a blood alcohol content of .08% to .04%.

In New York, drivers must have a CDL to drive a school bus.

Check your state’s requirements for commercial driver’s licenses to determine whether or not you will need one to operate your used church bus.

The United States Department of Public Safety has determined that the minimum age to apply for a CDL is 21, although certain states allow drivers to apply at 18—making the CDL only valid in their home state.

How to Obtain a CDL:


Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-MissouriNationally required tests are mandatory for those wishing to obtain a CDL. These tests include a written section regarding highway safety, a written section asking applicants to name the different parts of a truck. The written section of the CDL test must include at least 30 questions, and applicants must answer 80 percent of the questions correctly to move on to the skills test.

The driving skills test portion of the CDL test requires applicants to maneuver the vehicle to be operated successfully once awarded a CDL.

Medical Clearance:

Drivers will need to prove that they are, in fact, fit enough to drive a commercial vehicle. Some disqualifications include the loss of a hand or foot/inability to use a hand or foot (unless otherwise granted a certificate), the inability to grip a steering wheel, diagnosed respiratory or heart ailments likely to interfere with driving a vehicle safely, poor vision or drug and alcohol abuse.

More Information:

A CDL will allow drivers to operate a commercial vehicle, as long a they are compliant to all laws while operating the Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-Missourivehicle. Disqualifications will result in a driver losing their CDL for a determined time—based on the offense. To keep your CDL valid at all times, obey all federal and state driving laws.

Once you have obtained your CDL, you will be able to drive all transport vehicles legally. Many church buses do not require a CDL, however, state laws play a part in determining who is required to have a CDL to operate a transport vehicle.

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