Used Church Buses For Sale in Kentucky Buckle Up For Safety

Do you want to buy used church buses for sale in Kentucky?

Purchasing a used vehicle used to mean giving up safety. Today, the security in used vehicles is not compromised. Most cars manufactured after 2008 have many of the same safety requirements as brand new ones on the lot.

Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-KentuckyWhat if you’re interested in transporting more than just a single family? Used church buses for sale in Kentucky are an excellent way to transport multiple people anywhere they need to go—whether it be to the church picnic or Sunday School. However, with driving more people, comes more risk. That’s why the safety specs of a used church bus are so important to consider.

Used church buses have dual rear wheels, rollover protection, a steel cage construction, joint strength construction, and a rear emergency door. These buses are preferred by insurance companies because of their durability, and are required to meet or exceed federal safety standards.

The buses have many safety features like seat belts on each and every seat in the bus, a luxury that not allUsed-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-Kentucky buses have. Seat belts were normally never available, or required with use in a 15-passenger van. 15-passenger vans are the previous most common mode of transportation within a church, daycare, or summer camp. These vans have been deemed unsafe, and organizations should consider switching to church buses, also known as multi-function school activity buses, or shuttle buses. These buses come standard with seat belts, grahandles and armrests and these features make parents feel safe and good about putting their children on the church bus, or strapping their small child into a booster seat or car seat. Adults and children can buckle up, and be in a safe, secure position for the ride ahead.

Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-KentuckyChildren and senior citizens alike are often prone to falls, slips, and trips. A church bus comes equipped with an easy step up entrance with rails to diminish the risk of falls. With the rubberized, slip-resistant mat covering the isle of these buses, there is a smaller risk for these accidents. This is why these buses are often preferred by churches, nursing homes, and daycare.

The safety capabilities of a church bus, even used,  are unmatched—even for the driver and copilot. Front driver and passenger side airbags provide protection to the driver and his co-pilot on any trip. The airbags can also be switched off if an small child, infant, or senior with a medical condition must ride in the front passenger seat.

Many of these used church buses can also come handy with a rear camera to adjust and maneuver in Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-Kentuckyeven the tightest of parking lots, or on the busiest of streets—easing more fears in the process. Rear cameras are especially beneficial in a busy parking lot. Being able to see behind you allows the certainty that no property is accidentally damaged, and no one is hurt.

If nighttime or early morning travel is something you struggle with, struggle no more with a used church shuttle bus for sale. They are lighted with entryways for ease of access and visibility. These lights can be turned on manually, when the key has been pulled out of the ignition, or when a door is opened.

Used-Church-Buses-For-Sale-In-KentuckyIn the event of an emergency, these used church buses come equipped with fire extinguishers, spill control kits and first aid kits. There are a total of four emergency exit points, all accessible within a few seconds, and exterior lights that can be used to signal distress if need be.

All of these features do not come standard in passenger vans. Consider upgrading to a church bus, and ensure the safety of your congregation.

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