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Used Church Buses For Sale in Ohio and elsewhere by Major Vehicle Exchange

Used Church Buses For Sale in Ohio and elsewhere are far better than used church vans. There’s a reason that very few churches and organizations still use 15 passenger vans.15 passenger vans just aren’t safe enough to transport loved ones wherever they need to go. A church bus is much safer than the average 15 passenger van.

used-church-buses-for-sale-in-ohioBetween the years of 1994 and 2005, more than 1,500 fatal crashes involved 15 passenger vans. Because these vehicles are so often used by childcare centers, daycares, churches and summer camps, organizations most affected in these crashes are those often transporting senior citizens and children. The most common way that these vehicles crash is rollover, because these vans tip more easily than a church bus, which has a steel frame cage, and has the weight distributed evenly—lessening the possibility of rollover. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 15 passenger vans have a potential rollover risk of thirty-five percent when loaded with ten to fifteen passengers, and seventy percent when loaded with 16 or more passengers. The only safe way to operate a passenger van, is with very few passengers, defeating the over all purpose of the 15 passenger van. If these facts are not yet alarming enough, used-church-buses-for-sale-in-ohioNHTSA, has issued at least four advisories for these vehicles. In fact, the federal government no longer allows car dealerships to sell 15 passenger vans to schools, or organizations that will transport students or young children for any reason.

In the beginning, passenger vans were not designed for passengers. These vans, originally referred to as work vans, or cargo vans, were meant to haul large items from place to place. As these vans evolved, their safety features did not evolve with them.
A 15 passenger van has no protection from rollover, and in many cases, seats are not equipped with individual seatbelts. The rear wheels are singular, further causing instances of rollover. 15 passenger vans are also top-heavy and often fail in normal traffic maneuvers, such as wide or tight turns. There is no emergency exit in a 15 passenger used-church-buses-for-sale-in-ohiovan, only the side and cab doors. These 15 passenger vans also offer no personal space for passengers, or the ability to stand on long trips. There is no aisle for easy entrance and exit, causing passengers to crawl around seats and over each other to exit the van. Many insurance companies will not insure, or have raised the rates on a 15 passenger van for these reasons. Do you want to transport your loved ones in a vehicle with so many safety concerns?

On the contrary, a multi-function activity bus (MFSAB), also known as a church bus, has everything that a 15 passenger van does not— eradicating safety concerns. Most importantly, a church bus has used-church-buses-for-sale-in-ohiorollover protection, eliminating the main danger of a 15 passenger van. The dual rear wheels of the church bus add stability and safety to transportation. The reinforced steel cage construction, and individual seat belts provide more security than the van—ensuring the welfare of the people you love. Added bonuses include a center aisle for ease of movement, and single seats, providing more personal space. In case of emergency, church buses include a rear emergency exit.

Whether you’re transporting children to a field trip, or adults to a mission trip, nothing is scarier than putting their lives at risk because of improper transportation vehicles. Instead of worrying about the safety of your 15 passenger van, upgrade to the safer option: the church bus.

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