Used Church Buses are an affordable alternative when the bus at your local church gets old and breaks down to a point that it cannot be repaired? or what if you get to buy a brand new church bus, what happens to the old one ?in most cases the old bus is tucked away in a dirty corner of the garage where it stays for years without getting into any substantial use.

At major vehicle exchange we let nothing go into waste. We are among the leading automotive

Companies in the US that deals with used vehicles. Since incorporation in 1985 we have gained an in-depth know how and experience of over 30 years on how to offer the best quality services to all our customers.

The church has grown tremendously over the past decade in America. Due to that there is dire need for purchasing a church bus as opposed to the traditionally used 15 seater vans. A bus is able carry large congregations from one destination to the other as opposed to a van where you will be required to make several back and forth trips to get all congregants or even worse get to hire other buses to compliment your van. While have a bus it means that you will save a lot more. A bus is also economical in the long run .Its fuel consumption will be generally lower. With a bus the church participation will generally be larger as everyone can be accommodated.



At major vehicle exchange we offer solution to all your throbbing automotive solutions. We recondition and revamp both old and new commercial vehicles such that the look good and can offer durable services. We have a number of church buses in store which have been fully modified and ready to hit the road.

At major vehicle exchange we can customize the church bus according to your specifications and needs .We have all the required tools and equipment’s to meet your needs .Our aim is to make driving a moment of fun and luxury in all conditions. We also offer transportation consultancy prior to the purchase and also after the purchase.

The used church buses in America have also an offer of online credit application, where you can buy the bus on credit anywhere in the US and the rest of the word. We have very client friendly policies and terms of payment.

We also offer warranty to church buses, therefore no need to worry about the condition of the bus. At major vehicle exchange we also do maintenance and repair to all vehicles. We also lease our vehicles to members of the public.

We have a team of experts who can make prompt delivery upon purchasing of the church bus. Our customer care is always set to receive all your calls and act upon any grievances. We have done our best to offer the best services to all our clients. You can reach us via email at ([email protected]).

Therefore if you want to buy used church vehicle in America make sure you contact us.



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