Used MFSAB Bus: 2008 Chevrolet Shuttle For Sale—Under 2K Miles

Overview and Specifics of this used MFSAB Bus:

Used-MFSAB-BusThis used MFSAB bus is a 2008 Chevrolet Express Activity Shuttle Bus with only 1,622 miles.  It has a six liter V8 Engine and four-speed transmission that is automatic and also has the overdrive feature. The bus is white in exterior, with tinted windows and a rear door.

Usages of this Bus:

A used MFSAB bus can be utilized for many purposes, such as singular events, or for a single location. This Chevrolet bus is perfect for transporting both children and adults, and is a safe, dependable vehicle that looks and feels brand new. MFSAB buses can transport children at camp, be used as a church shuttle or assisted living shuttle, or driven as a school bus.

Safety features of this used MFSAB Bus:

 1. Exterior of this Bus:

Used-MFSAB-Bus -This used MFSAB bus is easy to maneuver and drive, making it a great model for drivers of all experience levels.

- In case of emergencies, this bus is also equipped with exterior strobe lights.

- The rear door swings outward in case of an emergency.

-This bus has four escape routes in case of an emergency.

2. Interior of this Bus:

 A) Seats in the used MFSAB Bus:

Used-MFSAB-BusFront seats: The front of the bus is equipped with a driver’s side and passenger’s side seat. Both seats are able to manually recline, and contain safety belts.

Rear seats: All rear seats in the used MFSAB bus are equipped with a safety belt. Seats are also able to be removed or collapsed depending on need. Rear seats are also equipped to hold booster seats or baby carriers during transport. This adds to the capabilities of this used Chevrolet MFSAB bus—it can be used for a daycare or children’s camp while ensuring all passengers are safe and sound while in motion.

B) Airbags:

Used-MFSAB-BusThe airbags are located in the front of the used MFSAB bus only. This model is equipped with a front airbag contained in the middle of the steering wheel. The passenger side airbag is located in the instrument panel on the passenger side.

It is important to denote that safety belts should be used in conjunction with airbags. One does not negate the use of the other.

There is an air bag off switch that can be used to manually turn off the airbag in a used MFSAB bus. This can be used when an infant, small child, or someone with a medical condition must ride in the front seat.

C) Lights:

  • This bus is equipped with an illuminated entry/exit feature. This engages when the key is removed from ignition or when the door is opened. This allows for easy pick-ups and drop-offs at any time of day, furthering the uses for this used MFSAB bus.
  • The instrument panel is illuminated while keys are in the ignition and while the doors are open in the used MFSAB Bus.

D) Emergencies:

Used-MFSAB-BusThis used MFSAB bus is equipped with fire extinguishers, Used-MFSAB-Busa first aid kit, spill care kit,
emergency windows, and a rear emergency door.

This used Chevrolet MFSAB bus is in all-around perfect condition. If you are looking for a safe, reliable vehicle, perfect for transporting both children and adults, then look no further.

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