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used shuttle bus for sale

People who own small businesses, large businesses that transport groups to places. Or even individuals with large families who need room when traveling. Look to buy a used shuttle bus for sale to assist them with their needs. Often overlooked, but viable and cheap means of transportation include vans and buses. These are shuttle vans, shuttle buses, and minibuses, among other methods of transport. With more than 45 shuttle buses for sale in stock, you can rely on Major Vehicle Exchange for your next buy. We offer everything from tour bus sales to church vans for sale.
We are a used bus dealership & specialize in selling reconditioned & road tested vehicles. Vehicles such as shuttle buses, coach buses, commuter buses and commercial transit. Including paratransit buses and wheelchair mobility buses. Our customers often include, but are not limited to, adult and senior care facilities. Also, churches, and medical transportation services. They like to convert our buses into limo buses, band buses, classrooms and mobile offices. There is no limit to the imagination in regards to the use of our shuttle buses for sale. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clientele stretch all over the United States and Canada. With many customers coming back for repeat business. Or providing word of mouth advertising for us because of their satisfaction.
We additionally offer the option of buying pre-owned vehicle under ten years old. By completing the “Sell Your Vehicle” form on our web page. We can help you determine a reasonable trade in value for your sale. And also assist you with finding the new used vehicle that will best suit your needs. Our shuttle bus and van inventory are extensive, but we are always looking for quality used buses. Everything you see on our web page inventory section is on hand, inspected and approved, and ready to go.
used shuttle bus for sale

We have more than 45 used shuttle bus for sale in stock that are road tested & ready for immediate delivery.

Where to buy used shuttle bus for sale???

If instead of selling yours, you are one of the many people considering purchasing a bus. Such as a pre-owned 14 passenger bus, or you are looking for a used tour bus for sale. You understand that this is a serious decision that you are going to want to take. It is a huge expense that can pay for itself when done and with a little help. Research and questions throughout the process are very important. So that you know you are getting the best deal that fits your needs. This can be a time-consuming try, but ensuring that the people you are dealing with are experts. They will help you feel comfortable knowing that they are looking out for your interests. And that is what we do here at Major Vehicle Exchange.
Regardless from where you buy, we want you to be well-informed before you begin. You will want to look for people who have lots of experience in your specific needs. Always ask questions and look for answers that are clear to you. And keep asking until you understand what is being said and you have the answers you were looking for. If you are looking for a bluebird bus for sale. And your salesperson does not know what you are talking about or talks over your head. You might need to consider looking somewhere else.
The most important immediate issue for most people looking to buy a large vehicle is the expense. Whichever dealer you choose, be sure to ask if your buy will be through a major company or financed. And if the dealer can help you with this. Many dealerships offer to finance through third party vendors. And they can also guide you through getting approved.

Tips on buying a used shuttle bus for sale:

Also, look into the future potential estimates of what your vehicle will be worth over time. If they offer a used minibus for sale, will that minibus depreciate too before you can pay it off. Or might the shuttle van for sale be a better option with a less intense depreciation scale? Another question to check into would be whether the dealer offers a “try before you buy” option. So you can try out those buses for sale before you make that large buy. Purchasing a vehicle of large size when you are not experienced can be a safety issue & a financial burden. Be sure you know the facts and details of what you are getting into. Before making such an important decision.

used shuttle bus for sale

Fully reconditioned and repainted used shuttle bus for sale with like new appearence.

Another aspect of obvious importance is the safety of yourself, your passengers, and the other people on the roads. The larger the vehicle is, the more important it is to look into the safety features. A 15 passenger shuttle bus for sale is inherently different than a 20 passenger van for sale, and each will require different requirements to ensure the safety of your riders and those around you.

Consider the safety and other features in the bus first:

While you are researching your purchase, look into the safety features inside the vehicle as well as in the engine specifications and body of the van or bus. Hand rails and dual wheels can make a huge difference in meeting your rider’s needs and getting them where they need to go safely. Low steps are often forgotten about when you are healthy but will make getting on and off of your bus or large vehicle a much easier prospect for those with injuries or disabilities.

The image is also a big concern if you are using your vehicle to attract customers. Purchasing a cheap used party bus for sale from a bus trader with a poor reputation is most likely not going to be the way to impress customers and bring in repeat business to allow you to help recoup your expenses. If your vehicle is your business, the image is tantamount to your success. Similar to automobiles, you can now choose from a wide array of features for comfort and style. Adding those extra amenities, like vinyl or leather seating rather than fabric, air conditioning instead of windows, speakers, and DVD or Blue Ray options, or “side sliders” to allow more shoulder and hip room, can make a world of difference.

What should a dealer offer you?

Dealers that specialize in shuttle bus sales, like Major Vehicle Exchange does, will offer you many different varieties in their inventory and explain to you the features that are available and what you can expect to find. Storage compartments have come a long way in large transportation. Beverage holders, lap trays, under the floor storage containers, footrests, and overhead storage are now considered basics in many shuttle buses and other large vehicles. This can mean the difference in taking that extra passenger (and their money) and denying them because there are too many suitcases on the bus. Passenger comfort is most likely important to your success, and choosing image and comfort in your used shuttle bus for sale is crucial.

Many people don’t realize that warranties are very different with major vehicles than they are with basic automobiles, and can be confusing, especially if it is your first time buying a major vehicle. Be sure that you check into exactly what your warranty covers before you make your purchase. If there is a blue bird bus for sale or a church van for sale, will the warranty cover the chassis, the power windows, and the air conditioner? Will it cover the tires? Most warranties on large vehicles only cover individual parts. You will most likely have to purchase additional warranties to cover the parts that are important to you. A good dealer will also be able to point you in the right direction to a few local reputable service repair shops that can work on your vehicle when necessary and keep up with the maintenance.

used shuttle bus for sale

All our used shuttle bus for are fully repainted from bumper to bumper and have like new appearance.

Maintenance and service:

Along with warranties, another factor that will seriously affect your bottom line is the average vehicle life. You can usually expect a solid eight to ten years of good running for most large vehicles. There is a lot of wear and tear when something is being driven a lot, especially in city miles rather than highway miles. Maintenance and service are important to ensuring a long lifespan. As with any vehicle, regular oil changes and tire rotations are necessary and can help to increase the longevity of your vehicle. But, you also want to be sure you are getting a great deal with whatever you decide to purchase.

A used limo bus for sale that is seven years old and costs more than it is valued at is probably not going to give you the mileage you need to justify the purchase. You might get some good use out of it, or you might end up having to pay an arm and a leg to have it serviced and repaired more frequently than you would like, which could end up costing you some business. However, a five-year-old used tour bus for sale with a better cost closer to its value might give you similar amenities at a more feasible price, allowing you to recoup some of your expenses without the extended maintenance necessary on the limo bus.

Compare new vs used:

Consider the aspects of your investment very carefully. Would it possibly be better to purchase a new rather than used 15 passenger bus for sale at a higher cost, or could you get more bang for your buck going used at a lower cost? Are the potential added amenities worth the higher price? Will your vehicle be worth anything if you go to trade it in in a few years? What are you looking at paying in regards to insurance, and how will that vary from vehicle to vehicle?

Major Vehicle Exchange will be able to help you determine the way to go based on your individual needs. Think about what is practical for you. Remember, whether it is a shuttle bus for sale or a charter bus for sale, you have to factor in the expenses of fuel, maintenance, insurance, storage, repair, and licensing when you are considering your overall profit and expense considerations. An expert dealership will be able to advise you on these matters. You can also check into new rebates and refunds with the small bus for sale you are looking into, the minibus for sale, or even the tour bus for sale. Rebates change frequently throughout the year.

Many times insurance companies will even give you discounts or share the cost with you for installing driver cameras and global positioning locators, as these items help to improve the safety of your vehicle overall. Again, a good dealership will be able to guide you into ways to save money and will look out for your best interests, knowing that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer and a great way to advertise cheaply.

used shuttle bus for sale

Our used shuttle bus for sale are ideal to transport your church audience.


It really does not matter if you are specifically looking for a bus for sale in Florida or a bus conversion for sale anywhere, you still need to research what you are getting into for the best deal, your safety and comfort, and long term expenses and profit. Major Vehicle Exchange can help you do that, with our expert staff that can assist you with locating a large vehicle for purchase or reconditioning and selling large vehicles anywhere in the United States and Canada. Incorporated in 1985, our dealership is licensed and our technicians are certified and highly qualified to help you.

We welcome you to check out our web page where you can read about us and our customer reviews, check out our Bus Buyer’s Guide, look into selling your vehicle, browse through our shuttle bus and van inventory, fill out an online credit application, or contact us with any further questions or comments that you might have and can’t find on our site. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will welcome you to come to us for advice on financing and leasing through third party funders. We offer flexible delivery options and terms. Complimentary airport pickup or delivery services are also available. Our mission is to provide the finest bus, ambulette and wheelchair service in the United States and Canada as measured by you, our customers.

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